3 Speedstrip Speedloaders


Brand: ShopShootingUSA

OK, make this the better idea section, for those of us who carry revolvers.  With 5 shots in my J Frame, the question has always been how do I carry reloads?   Speed loaders are bulky to pack around, and there has been a flat strip loader.  But here’s the better idea, the stair-stepped Speedstrip, holding 5 or 6 rounds, that only come out when you pull sideways to release in the chamber.

The rounds won’t fall out if the strip’s in your pocket.  That’s the big improvement.  But they’re quick into each charge hole as you recharge your cylinder by pulling sideways.

There are two choices.  38-357, and an 8 round version for .22.

They are not widely distributed yet, so we’re making it easy. A package of three for $16.00 plus shipping.