32-12 The North-South Skirmish


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We're stepping back in time at the North-South Skirmish Association's National Skirmish, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in period correct competition, with Muskets, Mortars, and Cannons!

Turn back the clock to the 1860’s to a time when Americans fought each other, taking up arms on the field of battle to fight The Civil War. Now turn the clock forward to modern times, when North and South are still squaring off, but this time on the field of competition. It’s for sport, for fun, and for the preservation of an important part of our nation’s heritage.

The Army Marksmanship Junior Shooters’ Clinic

The USAMU Action Shooting Team takes on a new assignment, training junior shooters.They shoot in national and world competitions. They’re shooting ambassadors for America. But the Army Marksmanship Action Shooting Unit at Fort Benning also has an interest in the future—teaching youngsters showing talent in the sport at their annual Juniors Clinic.