32-01 Rockcastle AR15.com Pro Am


Brand: ShopShootingUSA

This time it’s the largest Multi-gun Match in the country, and that’s because it’s two matches in one, something for every skill level in Kentucky, at the Rockcastle AR25 dot com Pro Am. Plus HAVA invites wounded warriors for the first East Coast Range Day at the Academi training ranges in North Carolina.

The sport of Multi-gun is growing in popularity, but still faces some key hurdles, first it’s equipment heavy and that means expensive. And a match that will challenge a top shooter may be too difficult for a shooter with little experience. Well that’s where the Pro Am format comes into play, basically two matches in one—The Pro match for the top guys and the Amateur match for the less experienced.
The Rockcastle AR15-dot-com Pro Am is in its second year and the match is bigger, in terms of attendance, than any other match in the country. The first ingredient to the success is the facility.

HAVA Family Day at ACADEMI
Honored American Veterans Afield is the all-volunteer organization supported by the firearms industry.  HAVA helps wounded vets by getting them out hunting and shooting again in spite of their injuries. This year, for the first time, HAVA went East to invite veterans and their families for a day of shooting at the ACADEMI ranges in Moyock, North Carolina.